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Objective of the Project  

The primary objective of this project is to develop components of an air quality management system to reduce human exposure to vehicular air pollution in Dhaka. The program will be extended to Chittagong and Khulna. The key components are improved enforcement; setting appropriate standards; piloting of pollution control technologies for diesel vehicles; better monitoring and dissemination of information; and overall evaluation. These components will help to lay the required foundation for strengthening institutional capacity for air quality management and in developing a comprehensive long-term strategy to reduce air pollution in Dhaka and other major cities in Bangladesh. This program will also help to improve the institutional capacity for air pollution monitoring and data analysis in Bangladesh, which is crucial in designing further interventions to control urban air pollution. These activities will also raise stakeholder awareness of and their respective roles as regards the issues and options relating to vehicular air pollution control. The government’s direct involvement in implementing technical control measures for diesel emissions should be minimized following the completion of the piloting phase, and the role of the private sector correspondingly increased.

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