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Vehicle Emissions Reduction  

Vehicle Emissions Reduction
The major source of air pollution in the urban areas of Bangladesh is motor vehicles. DoE, therefore, is implementing a comprehensive vehicle emissions control program. The program involves the components listed below. For more information on these components, go to our publications page.

Implementation of an Inspection and Maintenance Program

An inspection and maintenance program is being designed for implementation in Dhaka. This program is aimed at gross polluting diesel vehicles as these have been identified as the most significant contributors to PM2.5, the major pollutant of concern in Dhaka.

Improvement of Fuel Quality

DoE is working with stakeholders to improve the quality of fuel in Bangladesh. A phased plan for fuel quality improvements in conjunction with tightening emission standards is being developed. DoE is supporting government efforts to reduce fuel adulteration.

Diesel Mechanics Training

DoE is implementing a series of training clinics for diesel bus drivers and mechanics. The drivers/mechanics will be trained on appropriate maintenance practices for reducing emissions from diesel vehicles. A series of buses will be repaired and the types and cost of repair will be reported.

Public Awareness

DoE is developing a comprehensive public awareness program, aiming to educate vehicle owners and the public on the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance and the potential problems that are going to emerge as health hazard. In the meantime, a long term communication action plan has been undertaken with long term strategic communication for public awareness.

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