On-going Activities:



1.      Regulatory framework developed and physical delineation for ECAs in Cox's bazar and Hakaluki Haor (Output 1.  1, 2.1, 3.1)

1.      ECA mapping project sites area and boundary defination

2.      GPS data collection and satellite image interpretation

3.      ECA regularity framework development; seminars, meeting and field based community awareness.

2.      Community Mobilization for ECA natural resource management in Cox's Bazar and Hakaluki Haor.       (Output 1.3, 1.5, 2.3, 2.5, 3.4)

1.      Community Mobilization for ECA natural resource management: sub-contract w NGO/ Cox's Bazar sites.

2.      Community Mobilization for ECA natural resource management: sub-contract w NGO/ Hakaluki Haor sites.

3.      Community meeting in Hakaluki Haor and Cox's Bazar to establish VCGs and local ECA committees and initialize project site ECA management plan

4.      Conduct awareness programme and materials made to facilitate local participation and inter-sectoral coordination.

5.      Awareness campaign in schools on ECA Management.


3.      Collection and use of ecological data for Cox's Bazar and Hakaluki Haor. (Output 1.4 and 2.4)

1.      Natural Resource Economic Evaluation (NREE) of Hakaluki Haor.

2.      ECA site Migratory Bird Surveys including support to National Waterfowl Census.

3.      ECA Baseline Surveys: Fauna/flora-biodiversity gap filling and critical habitat identification: Beel mapping -HH; Communities - Demographic & Socio-Economic.

4.       Produce Awareness materials: Site brochures, ECA field information boards.

5.      Produce Documentary Video Film: State of EcoSystem and Biodiversity.

6.      Water quality and water level monitoring.


  1. Management plans for sustainable use of Cox's Bazar and Hakaluki Haor are developed and urgent conservation measures undertaken (Output 1.5 and 2.5) 



1.      Urgent conservation activities for mangrove regeneration /CB sites

2.      Plantation of trees, shrubs, etc. for habitat rehabilitation, homestead protecting and vilageres sustainable use  

3.      Urgent conservation activities for swamp forest regeneration/Hakaluki Haor

4.      Preparation of first draft Project site management plans proposing conservation and sustainable use measure with zoning and critical habitat identified.

  1. Implementation of Project Start-up, Operation and Development(Output 3.5) 



1.      Collaboration meeting with partner projects & organizations for activity planning/implementation

2.      Stackeholder workshop

3.      Monitoring and evaluation of implementation of activities

4.      Training on ECAMU staff on awareness and biodiversity Management

5.      Organizing field level meeting