Project Description


The Coastal and Wetland Biodiversity Management Project (CWBMP) – BGD/99/G31 at Cox’s Bazar and Hakaluki Haor is a UNDP-GEF funded project implemented by the Department of Environment (DoE) under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of Bangladesh.      


It is designed to establish and demonstrate an innovative system for management of Ecologically Critical Areas (ECAs) in Bangladesh that will have a significant and positive impact on the long term viability of the country's biodiversity resources. Among the eight ECA sites declared under the Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act 1995, CWBMP is working on four of them. The project will support Department of Environment (DoE) to operate the ECA concept at two main geographical areas; One area (which includes three ECA sites) is the country's biodiversity rich long coastal zone and the other is the largest and most important inland freshwater wetlands of the country.