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 Mission Statement
The mission of the Department of Environment (DOE) Documentation Centre is to provide information resources required by scientists, researchers, officers, staff and authorized clients of the DOE by acquiring, organizing, housing and maintaining library materials related to the fields of environmental regulation; impact assessment, environmental management and pollution control, to maintain a record of the projects and activities of the DOE, and to make easily available DOE data.

Vision Statement

The DOE Documentation Centre is indispensable in gathering and disseminating environmental information and a major element in supporting the activities of the Department of the Environment. The Documentation Centre is a space where Government officials, researchers, and students come together to analyze and inform themselves of issues relating to the nation's environment.

To realize this vision, the Documentation Centre will:

Collaborate with members of the DOE community to ensure that researchers are able to gather the information needed to successfully conduct their business.
Conduct information research and create knowledge. 
Seek out strategic partnerships to aid in the gathering of needed information.
Add value to the scientific and technical endeavour by providing a wide range of information services and resources, both remotely and on-site, to support inquiry.
Build, steward, and preserve the resources for present and future scientific and technical activities.
Eliminate barriers to information and maximize its usefulness and accessibility.
Transform the Documentation Centre and the way it provides services in response to a changing environment and the evolving needs of users. 
Principal Services

Reference Library on environmental pollution and management
Repository for DOE Reports and Documents
Distribution of DOE Data
Display and distribution of Environmental awareness materials

Access Policy

The Documentation Centre is open to all staff and officers of the Department of the Environment, other Government departments and agencies, accredited researchers and bonafide students. All those not on the staff of the Department of Environment must register with the Librarian on first use.

Open to Users: 9.30 AM to 4.45 PM on all normal working days.

1st Floor, Annex to Environment House (Poribesh Bhaban)
E-16, Agaraon, Shere Bangla Nagar,

Publications and Reports Available
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