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Major Decisions taken by
Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF), Bangladesh in the field of Environment Sector

The present Government has proved itself as an environment friendly one through undertaking various programmes toward upholding and conserving the environment. The ban on the use, production and marketing of polyethylene shopping bags is considered as a historic step in this regard which has been implemented from 2002. The people from all walks of life have given over whelming support to implement this ground breaking steps. It was not possible without the massive support of mass media and people. It is considered to be a historic step of the present government. The world community has praised this success of the Bangladesh and now many countries are taking initiatives to ban the production and use of polythene shopping bags following the steps of Bangladesh.

The present government has also formulated some action plan discussing with the various stakeholders of the society to control vehicular air pollution and improvement of transport system. For example, The Environment Conservation Rules 1997 has been amended and under this amended rules, use of Catalytic Converter and Diesel Particulate Filter for Petrol and Diesel driven vehicles respectively has been made mandatory. Ministry of Communication has taken a step to a total ban on plying of two strokes three wheelers in Dhaka City from January 2003. Moreover, a ban has been imposed on plying in Dhaka City from 1 January 2002 of Bus, Minibus, Microbus, Taxi older than 20 years and Truck, Mini truck, Tank lorry, Van older than 25 years. Moreover, introduction of four-stroke CNG run-auto-richshaws, use of low sulfur content coal as fuel and installing chimney with the height of 120ft in the brick kilns and promoting the manufacture of concrete block brick prove the noble intention of present government. To preserve the ecological balance of hilly areas of the country, the government has taken various regulatory and non-regulatory measures to curb indiscriminate hill cutting. Besides all these, the government is considering some other important issues like wetland conservation, electricity generation and manure production from municipal wastes, making rivers pollution free, making ship breaking activities environment friendly, etc. Some of these issues are already in implementation. Present democratic government strongly believes that environmental pollution of the country can be reduced greatly if the programs are supported by the mass people. In true sense, common people are very much aware of environmental issues. So, people are extending their whole hearted support towards people oriented environmental initiatives undertaken by this government.