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Any person who suffers harm or is at potential risk to harm to health or their property because of pollution or environmental degradation, has the right to apply for remedy of the damage. The application must be made to the Director General of the Department of Environment in the form provided in the Environment Conservation Rules. Where he deems it necessary, the Director General may hold a public hearing to review any applications for redress. The application for remedy must be disposed of within three months of its receipt by the Director General."

Application Form for Remedy [click for English form]
Application Form for Remedy [click for Bangla form]

Persons whose health or property are affected by pollution or environmental degradation have additional rights to seek compensation in the courts. This may occur through a number of processes,

The Director General may file a lawsuit seeking redress and compensation on behalf of affected persons
The court may order a person convicted of an environmental offense to pay compensation to affected persons
Where the Department fails to respond, within the prescribed time period, to an application by a person for compensation, the matter can be submitted by that person to the Environment Court, who may in turn make an order of compensation"